No matter what industry you’re in, I’d like to invite you to re-evaluate, reimagine and reengage with your business to discover the incredible potential it possesses.

I have comprised a diverse team of brilliant, creative and innovative individuals with years of experience in developing & pivoting businesses of all shapes & sizes.

Through our collective passion for creating new possibilities for businesses (just like yours), we get the importance of giving unique businesses the love and sparkle they need and deserve.

Let’s create something different for your business together.

For the love of ease & beauty

Chelsey Dalzell & Co.

Founder and CEO

Thank you Chelsey Dalzell for this unbelievable experience, a journey beyond my skills and beyond my reality, when I eliminate the limits, projections, expectations, comparison, competition …

Catherine Chardonnens Jolliet 

Working with Chelsey and being part of the BBB workshop not only gave more tools and knowhow of creating with energetics and tips and tricks of graphics, branding and how to work with clients. It was a deep healing and unleashed a peaceful potency in regards to graphics/ branding/ clienst, my business and my life. WOW!

Ivy Mobouck

This workshop with Chelsey was a pathbreaking experience and phenomenal for me. She bringing us in a waltz of Energy from beauty and creation, Always renewed.

Patricia Berthelier

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